Beehive panel displaying Hunters Funeral Size big
Motif of Hunter Funeral
  • Motif of Hunter Funeral

Beehive Panel Hunters Funeral


Motif of Hunter funeral funeral from series 'upside down world'. Animals in human roles walk on their hind legs, pnly the hunter's dog in mourning is a normal animal and walks on all four.

material: spruce wood

Size: 30x12,5 cm

Small 12.5x 6.2 cm

category: gifts hand made

Size: big

Painted beehive front boards are a traditional folk art form in Slovenia. They often depicted themes from folk stories or lives of regular people, or the Bible, corresponding to the historic times in which they were created. The motifs were often satiric in nature, warning us of human stupidity. The folk art is still present in Slovenia to this day, but the beehive front boards gained a special place among the memorabilia that perfectly captures the colorful nature of our country. The painted front-boards of the kranjic beehives, which appeared in the mid 18th century. The older motifs are religious; before the end of the 18th century, profane motifs appeared. The acme of the illustrated beehive front-boards continued sixty years (1820-1860). In those days, this painting spread over the entire Slovene share in the Alps.

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