Terms and conditions of use


www.spominki.eu online store Terms & Conditions are written in accordance with Protection of customers' law (ZVPot), based on the references of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and on International regulations of online business.


Www.spominki.eu online store is run by Jana trade d.o.o. (provider in the future). When registrating to the Www.spominki.eu system, customer gets a user name, that equals the address of his email address, and he/she also gets a password. User name and password of users are undoubtedly connected with entered information. With registration user becomes a customer and gains the right to purchase. Terms and conditions of business treat activity of Www.spominki.eu, customer's rights and a business attitude between customer and service provider.

Information Accessibility (Summery of Legislation)

Service provider is bound to always provide the next information to the customer: a) Company identity (company name and address, register number), b) Contact information, that enable customer quick and efficient communication (e-mail, phone number), c) Essential features of articles or services (including services required after purchase and warranties), d) Article availability (every product or service listed on the web site, should be accessible in understandable time period), e) Conditions of delivery or execution of service (manner, place and delivery deadline), f) All prices must be evidently and undoubtedly assigned and there should be clearly shown whether the price already include taxes and the shipping costs, g) Payment and shipping methods, h) Time validity of the offer i) Time limit in which customer can resign from the agreement and the terms of resignment; if and how much will it costs the customer to return a product, j) Procedure explanation after complaint, including all information about the contact person or service for customer relations.

Product Providing

Because of the nature of online business, offer on Www.spominki.eu is regularly updated and it changes often and quickly. All articles listed are in stock or they are deliverable in a few days. If it happens that any of the items is not in stock at the moment or it is not deliverable in reasonable time, this will be obviously marked next to the article. In case mistake occurs and the subscribed article is not in stock or is not deliverable, the provider will contact the buyer and will offer him/her a resignment from order or will propose the customer with an alternative solution.

Statement on colors and images

due to different computer monitors/calibrations actual product colours may vary from colours shown on your monitor

The product images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product you will receive.

Payment Methods

At the moment www.spominki.eu allows the following payment methods:

Money Order to Jana trade d.o.o. bank account (proforma invoice)

* PayPal.com system - www.paypal.com (accepts credit cards)

Provider issues an invoice to the buyer on permanent medium, with analysed costs. Sales contract (order) is stored in electronic form on provider's server and is accessible to the customer at all times in his/her user profile (My account).

Debit or Credit Cards

At the moment the payment on www.spominki.eu by credit card or debit card is possible via PayPal, Revolut,.. (www.paypal.com). 


All prices include VAT, except if it is written otherwise. The buyer will always pay as much as it is stated at the moment of submission of order. Prices are valid in case of payment method listed above, under specified conditions. Despite exceptional efforts to ensure the most up-to-date and punctual information, it can occur that the price information is wrong. In this case or in case that the price changes during the processing of the order, the provider will offer the buyer to resign from his/her order and will at the same time present another solution that will be bring reciprocal satisfaction. Sales contract between the provider and the buyer is concluded in the moment the provider confirms the order (buyer receives an email with an order status = Confirm). From then on all conditions are unchangeable, for the provider as well as the buyer.

Updating Account Information

1. In waiting line - After submission of the order the buyer receives notification via email that the order was accepted to the waiting line. At this time the buyer has one hour to cancel his/her order. The buyer has an insight regarding the status and the content of the order at all times (My account). If the buyer doesn't cancel his/her order, the order goes in process, where the provider checks the order, verifies deliverability of ordered products and confirms or with a certain reason rejects the order. The provider can call the buyer to check the given information on his/her contact phone number. 2. Order confirmed - The buyer again gets an email with a confirmation. The sales contract between the provider and the buyer is now irrevocably concluded. 3. Sent/ready for personal takeover - Provider prepares the package, sends it or prepares it for personal takeover and changes the status of the package. The buyer is again notified about this via email.


Provider will send the package or make it ready for personal takeover in the shortest possible time. Every order will be handled the same day or the next working day at latest. In case this will not be possible, because of the obvious reasons, the buyer will be notified before or right after order submission, but absolutely before the confirmation of the order. The provider keeps the right to choose a delivery service, when there were no prior arrangements. With delivery the buyer receives a form for returning the article, in case that would be needed. The form includes all information regarding the right to return the goods. There are also contact details necessary for complaint or return.

The Right to Return the Goods

The buyer has the right to return the goods in the period of 15 days after receiving, undamaged and unused in the original, undamaged packaging. The buyer can send the good via standard mail, courier to our address or can the goods personally deliver to our office (Jana trade d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1117 Ljubljana). In case of shipping, the delivery costs must be covered by the costumer. The buyer must notify the provider about the intention of returning in written form to the email address: info@www.spominki.eu ot via standard mail to Jana trade d.o.o., Stegne 7, 1117 Ljubljana.


Articles have warranty if that is listed in the letter of warranty or on the invoice. Warranty is valid if the product was used according to the instructions. The invoice must accompany the product. Warranty duration is listed on the letter of warranty. Sometimes the information regarding the warranty is listed next to the presentation of the product. If this information is not there, the article does not have a warranty or the information is not available at the moment. In this case the costumer can contact the provider that will offer up-to-date information.


Provider uses adequate technological and organizational implements for protection of transfer and for storing personal and payment information. For this purposes uses also 128bits SSL certificate that was issued by authorised organisation.

Personal Data Protection

Provider assures that all personal data of the costumers will be handled confidentially. They will be carefully protected and will not be intercede to the third party - except in case the law obligates us to do so. Given information will be used for: * undisturbed realisation of purchases, * realisation of personalisation, * statistical analyse with intention of web site and service improvement, * releasing of appropriate contents, * sending online news (only in case the costumer will want this).


Provider will step in contact with the costumer over instruments of communication on distance only when the user is not stricktly against that.

Children Protection

Advertising messages will be evidently visible and will clearly differ from plays and from competitions. Every communication intended for children will be suitable for their age, will not exploit their trustfulness, their shortage of experiences or their feeling of loyality. Provider is not in the position to accept order from someone, who he things or suspects is a child, without having explicit permission from his/her parents or guardian.

Redemption of Resposibility

Provider is trying best to keep the information updated and providing accurate information kept on Www.spominki.eu web site. Despite that the characteristics of the products, shipping times or prices can change so quickly that the provider doesn't manage to correct information on the web site. In this case the provider will notify the buyer about the changes and will offer him/her a possibility to resign from the order or will present him/her a replacement of the ordered product. Eventhough the provider is trying to assure the exact pictures of the selling products, it is necessary to take all photographs as symbolic. They do not assure the characteristics of the product.

Complaints and Disputes

Provider is respecting the legislation regarding the protection of the costumer. Provider is trying it's best to establish an efficient system of treating complaints. In case of complaint provider will respond in 5 working days the receipt of it and will inform the costumer of the duration of the complaint procedure. Provider is aware that the essential feature of the dispute, at least from the judicial solving point of view, is his unproportinality between economic value of claim and the costs, that arise when solving the dispute. This is also the main barrier that the costumer doesn't go to the court. That is why provider strives to do his best that the eventual disputes get solved consensually.